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EU countries have exported more than 4.1 million tons of oilseeds and by-products since the beginning of the season.

From July 1, 2021, to April 17, 2022, EU countries exported more than 4.15 million tons of oilseeds and their derivatives, up 11% from the same period in the previous MY (3.69 million tons, taking into account data updates).

Soybean products made up the bulk of shipments, with over 1.73 million tons. In particular, 813,000 tons of soybean oil were sold. Flour export increased by 231 thousand tons compared to last season – to 693.23 thousand tons. Supply of seeds – 236.25 thousand tons.

Export of sunflower and processed products from July 1 to April 17 amounted to more than 1.15 million tons. Sunflower seeds were exported 224.5 thousand tons; the volume decreased by 299 thousand tons by 2020/21 MY. Flour sold 480.5 thousand tons, 78 thousand tons more than last year. Oil stocks – 454.8 thousand tons.

Shipments of rapeseed and processed products amounted to over 1.25 million tons. In particular, 594.8 thousand tons of oil meal, 240.27 thousand tons of oil and 416.2 thousand tons of rapeseed were exported.

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