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Exports of spices fall 8% during April-Sep : Spices Board India

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Spices

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December 7, Exports of spices from India during Apr-Sep declined 8% on year to 780,273 tonnes, according to data from the Spices Board India. Spices Board pegs April-Sep jeera exports at 139,295 tonnes, down 14%. Spices Board pegs Apr-Sep turmeric exports at 77,245 ton, down 26%.

Spices Board has estimated April-Sep pepper exports at 10,844 tonnes, up 24% and cardamom exports in the same period remained 4.240 ton, up 101% Spices Board has pegged Apr-Sep coriander exports at 24,459 ton, down 13% According to third advanced estimates released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, spices output seen rising to 1,07,00,000 tonnes in 2020-21, up by 5.5 percent compared to 1,01,0,000 produced in 2019-20. According to the Gujarat State farm dept.. jeera has been sown across 171459 ha as of November 29, compared to 3,02,637 ha during the same period last year. The area under coriander is down in the state as well. Coriander is sown across 86.634 ha as of November 29 compared to 93,000 ha during the same period last year.

Jeera production is seen at 856,505 tonnes in FY 2020-21, down 6.1% on year according to the Spices Board. India exported 2,99,000 in of jeera in 2020-21, up 40% on year according to the Spices Board.

The Spices Board has pegged coriander production at 8,22,210 tonnes, up 17.3% on the year. According to Spices Board. Coriander exports from India were up 21% on year at 57,000 tonnes. The government sees 2020-21 coriander output at 7,20,000 tons compared to 701000 tonnes a year ago.

Spices Board sees exports of turmeric up 33% to 1,83,000 tonnes in FY 2020-21 on yoy basis.

The government sees 2020-21 turmeric output at 1.11 million tonnes compared to 1.15 million tons a year ago. Spices Board pegs FY21 small cardamom export 6,500 ton, up 251% on year

The output of small cardamom is seen rising by 100% year to 22,520 tons according to the Spices Board.

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