LODZ – The volatility is back in the flaxseed market.  Yesterday the raw material (97 % purity) price DAP Poland dropped to 590 EUR/t from 685 EUR/t noticed a few weeks ago.

The quantities are easily available. There is a downward movement in cleaned flaxseed prices observable as well. One could purchase a 99,9% pure flax for 740 -760 EUR/mt FCA Poland spot, decreasing 60 -70 EUR/mt.

This is due to dumped demand in the EU and new crop price expectations. In Canada, there is a 3 % price decrease with 718 EUR/mt FCA. New crop contract (max. 300 mt) prices are on level, on average, around 750 EUR/mt.

origin  / flax quality raw material 97 % purity cleaned 99,9 % purity new crop contracts 99,9% purity
Russia 520 EUR/mt FCA
Kazakhstan 510 EUR/mt FCA
Canada 718 EUR/mt FCA
Poland 740 – 760 EUR/mt FCA 750 EUR/mt FCA

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