INDIA – Illegal import of Chinese garlic through Iran-Afghanistan is putting pressure on the Indian Garlic Market.

India’s garlic market is already weak due to the Corona Pandemic. There are some rumours of the illegal import of Chinese garlic into the Indian market.

According to traders, Chinese garlic arrived in the Delhi market via Iran – Afghanistan. Traders and farmers are requesting the government to take some actions against this illegal import of Chinese garlic. Otherwise, this will impact a lot on the country’s farmers and their survival.

Currently, garlic prices are between $9,41 to $16,13 per Kg in the spot market. On the other hand, demand from Maharashtra and Southern states are also sluggish. Therefore, prices remained lower till now and are expected to drop more in the coming days. However, traders are expecting that good rainfall will make the garlic market strong. Farmers and Traders are really hoping to see positive prospects in the future, but unfortunately, it totally depends on the good monsoon season.