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ODESA: The volume of grain exports from Ukraine since the beginning of 2021/22 MY as of September 24, 2021, amounted to 12.76 million tons. This is 1.44 million tons or 13% more than last year (11.32 million tons).

Thus, since the beginning of the season, 7.74 million tons of wheat have been exported, 2% less than in the last season.

Barley supplies to foreign markets amounted to 3.4 million tons (+ 24%).

Rye supplies amounted to 28.7 thousand tons, significantly higher than last year’s figures (1.7 thousand tons).

Corn export is 1.39 million tons, which is more than twice as much as last year.

For reference: in 2020/21 MY, the export of grain and leguminous crops amounted to 44.6 million tons total.

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