MUMBAI – There has been a strain on the whole world economy, and India is among the most hit countries of the world. The whole flavour and spices business and the entirety of the providers of flavours in India are gravely influenced. Not to fail to remember the Indian economy’s pounding heart, the agribusiness area is straightforwardly hit because of the costs they are getting higher and higher for the farmers.

Therefore the farmers are more and more in a desperate situation. At present, the farmers do not even get their costs covered by the sale of cardamom. The pressure to sell is high because with each passing week the cardamom loses its flavour.

Indian green cardamom providers in south India, the ranchers particularly, are encountering a colossal arrangement of trouble in getting the right costs for their produce.

The new, sweet-smelling Indian green cardamom isn’t getting the expected rates and ranchers accept, and its fragrance is blurring as time passes. Farmers and traders are under stress as prices are less than what they expected to trade. Current prices of Cardamom in the Indian Market are between 24,16 $ / Kg to 18,45$ / kg, depending upon the size and quality.

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