BUDAPEST – This week with barley, the 2021 season harvest is going to kick off in Hungary. The weather is proper for cutting the barley but not good for riping wheat, sunflower seed, and corn. In some areas of Hungary, 39-40° Celsius is forecasted by Thursday-Friday, and of course, this temperature is not optimal for the plantations.

The development of poppy seed plants is already at enough good level; hence the extreme heatwave can not hurt them. Poppy harvest is expected to start around the 7th of July.

There is still no sufficient news of the Czech poppy situation. There are speculations about a potential loss after the cold spring flowering and an opaque picture of the final remained sowed hectares. The Hungarian traders are pricing a possibly lower new Czech crop. Current price expectation of new crop Hungarian poppy seed: 2,10-2,30 EUR/kg FCA HU.

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