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Almond prices hiked in the country amid rising demand due to the festival season. US almond prices are now quoted at $ 13.49 per Kg in the market.

Currently, there is good demand for almonds in the Indian market. Sellers are getting good profit. According to traders, prices will rise more during the Diwali season, and a shortage of supplies can be seen after one month.

Prices hiked in the Delhi market at $ 14.84 per Kg and the Bengaluru market at $15.18 per Kg last week.

Prices also hiked in the USA market at $ 2.84, which was $1.42 in April month. They are just accepting an order of only 15 containers because they want to increase their rates to $ 3 in the coming time.

Another side, the rental price of containers also hiked doubled after April, which will be the reason for the price rise.

Secondly, the Afghanistan situation also impacted the Indian dry fruit market and trade as Kabul is now on the Taliban’s hand, major dried fruits and nuts import from Afghanistan.

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