India’s pulses crops sowing has seen impressive growth of 67.48% during summer season. Pulses sowing area increased from 10.64 lakh hectare to 17.82 lakh hectare. [swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’]

Moong sowing was more impressive as summer moong area increased 73.84%. It’s area increased from 8.32 lakh hectare to 14.45 lakh hectare. It is also important to note that moong is largest pulses crop in summer sowing.

Just go to the final figure of summer crops sowing, black gram and other pulses are very smaller contributors. Blackgram area increased 2.01 lakh ha to 2.98 hectare. Similarly other pulses crops area has gone up to 0.39 lakh hectare from 0.32 lakh hectare of last season.

Larger question is the reason behind of impressive growth in summer pulses area. Trade sources pointed out that higher crop area is a bonus of good monsoon rains during last year.

Pulses sowing area increase in Madhya Pradesh from 3.82 lakh hectare to 5.18 lakh hectare. Odisha from nil area to 3.20 lakh hectare, Bihar from 1.71 lakh ha. to 3.15 lakh ha., Tamil Nadu from 1.76 lakh ha. to 2.21 lakh ha., Uttar Pradesh from 1.28 lakh ha. to 1.42 lakh ha., Gujarat from 0.58 lakh ha. to 0.77 lakh ha. But the area has gone down in West Bengal to 0.75 lakh ha. to 0.80 lakh ha.[/swpm_protected]