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India: Black Pepper Prices Expected To Be Stable

by | May 3, 2022 | Specials

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The arrival is significantly low in most spot markets across Kerala and Karnataka. But, despite that, the price has not improved. According to market experts, the black pepper price in the coming days will stay stable, and there is no scope for improvement. 

Though April started on a high note with the spice and experienced a gradual improvement in the price, it is coming to a halt in the coming days. The limited supply of the crop in the market earlier helped in the price increase, but the situation has changed now, causing concern for the farmers.

Current Scenario

Several factors are putting pressure on the black pepper price. 

  • The activity, mainly the trader’s and stockists’ purchase, is limited. 
  • Heat of the summer is causing slower activity in the market. 
  • The arrival of new crops in the market is limited and can be considered weak in Kerala and Karnataka. 
  • The sluggish nature of the primary market is due to the buyers going directly to the farmers in the rural areas to purchase the product. 
  • The lack or limited crop arrival in the urban and significant spot markets has added further pressure on black pepper prices. 
  • The recent deals in Kerala where the direct deals are done for many commodities also include Black Pepper, which puts pressure on the market. 
  • The product purchase in markets like Delhi is also slow due to the increase in Corona virus cases during the last few days. 
  • The production of black pepper is as expected. 
  • Farmers are now moving towards growing other crops due to the low price it has fetched in the last few years. 

Price Trend 

  • In the current scenario, the price remained for black pepper at $7,07 – $7,14 per kg, which was a dip by $0,13 – $0,20 per kg at the wholesale grocery market. 
  • In the Kodi spot market of Kerala, the price was quoted to be between $7,01 and $7,14 per kg.
  • The sluggish arrival earlier in the weeks helped the price increase by $0,26 – $0,33 per kg.

Black Pepper 

500 GL 

Date Price 
April 19 – 28 $7,97 per kg FOB
April 14 – 18  $7,95 per kg FOB
April 12 – 13  $7,90 per kg FOB
April 7 – 11  $7,85 per kg FOB
April 4  $7,80 per kg FOB

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