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Due to the poor arrival of cardamom in the auction centres, the prices are keeping steady. On Tuesday, August 17, the stock arrived in Kochi with 38,568 kg, which decreased by 12,101 kg from Monday.

Earlier this month, there was an increase in three varieties of green cardamom. Green Cardamom 8mm increased from $2,34 per kg FOB to $2,36 per kg FOB, Green Cardamom 7.5mm and 7.2 mm also climbed up in the price from $1,92 per kg FOB to $2,26 per kg FOB and $1,82 per kg FOB to $1,89 per kg FOB respectively. However, within the next few days, the price for all these three varieties fell to $2,22 per kg FOB for 8mm, $2,13 per kg FOB for 7.5 mm, and $1,75 per kg FOB for 7.2 mm.

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