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KERALA – On Tuesday, 24 August, cardamom prices surged at the auctions after experiencing a downward trend on 10 August. Since the price plummeted during the middle of the month, the price was steady.

On 10 August, the prices were recorded at USD 22,20 per kg FOB for green cardamom 8 mm, USD 21,90 per kg FOB for green cardamom 7.5 mm, USD 17,50 per kg FOB for 7.2 mm for green cardamom, USD 15,90 per kg FOB for green cardamom 7 mm and USD 13,80 per kg FOB for green cardamom 6.5 mm-6.8 mm.

It was on 24 August that the prices increased for all the varieties of green cardamom. 8 mm price rose to USD 23,10 per kg FOB, 7.5 mm increased to USD 22,90 per kg FOB, 7.2 mm recorded USD 18,90 per kg FOB, 7 mm and 6.5 mm-6.8 mm also had an uptrend in price at USD 16,90 per kg FOB and USD 15,50 per kg FOB respectively.

There was a good arrival of stock in the market, the highest recorded by Kumily mandi at 78.057 kgs. Most of the stock got sold. It was reported 73.882 kgs of the stock were auctioned out. Moreover, the best variety of cardamom in Kochi was sold for USD 19,95 per kg, while the average spice was auctioned at USD 15,09 per kg.

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