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On August 12 all varieties of chickpeas held their prices steady after it rose on August 9. 42-44 rose from $1,25 per kg FOB to $1,27 per kg FOB. While all the other categories like 44-46 increased from $1,23 per kg FOB to $1,25 per kg FOB, 46-48 closed at $1,24 per kg FOB from $1,22 per kg FOB, 58-60 was at 1,20 per kg FOB from 1,18 per kg FOB, 60-62 rose to $1,18 per kg FOB from $1,16 per kg FOB and 62-64 increased to $1,16 per kg FOB from $1,14 per kg FOB.

The increase in price in all the varieties is a relief for the farmers and traders after a sudden slump early last month. However, despite picking up the prices after poor opening last month, there was a northward trend for all the categories of chickpeas before it started to increase again in mid-July.

Currently, the prices have increased slightly for all the varieties. However, it is expected that as the month progresses, the prices will stay steady, and there won’t be much of a change.

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