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JAIPUR: There was a strong rise in coriander prices in the spice markets across the country amid stockists interest, strong demand in mandi auctions and buying from large spice mills.

Prices rose at $1050 per ton for Eagle split variety. However, prices rose $53.94 per ton in the markets of Madhya Pradesh, $33.71 per ton in the mandis of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The average jump in coriander prices in markets across the country was up to $ 26.97 per ton.

An improvement in the demand for coriander has led to a jump in prices. In August, there has been a jump in markets loose prices of more than $ 107.88 per ton in coriander Eagle and Badami variety.

Due to the high demand for coriander Eagle and Badami, the rise in prices is higher. Upper grade and coriander cold quality are also strong now.

Stockists are also in a race to recover profits after the rise in prices. Demand also pick up from the local retail stores and spice mills. There is good demand coming out of the south buyers in the Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh markets.

Given the festive season, spice mills are also placing new orders, which affects the mandi auction. Due to the orders of the Bihar and Bengal line, the prices remained buoyant in the mandis of Rajasthan. New demand for coriander from mills in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka led to a jump in prices.

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