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Despite the COVID-19 challenges, the rise in freight prices, and the shortage of containers, the export of dried onion from India has been significantly better than last year. It has increased by 40 thousand to 42 thousand metric tons.

The production of dried onion was also increased by 20% this year, between 80 thousand and 85
thousand metric tons.

However, despite the increase in production, the availability of dried onion in the inventory will be limited to 20 thousand to 25 thousand metric tons for the second half of 2021. As a result, the export will come to 50 to 60% in the year’s first half. But this conjecture is based on last year’s inventory where 25 thousand to 35 thousand metric ton dried onion was available during the second half. 

Furthermore, there will be a price rise in the export of dried onion with the increase in freight prices. 

The farmers’ and traders’ sentiment is optimistic about dried onion next year based on the current trend. However, farmers, traders, and analysts will keep a close eye on the weather, COVID-19 situation, and the shipping condition changes before determining the plantation of onion for the next crop cycle.

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