MUMBAI – India is meeting the demand of the dry onion market internationally and has a growth of 27.43% in 2020-2021. The Federation of India Export Organisation (FIEO) revealed that India’s dry market export grew by USD 143.12 million for the fiscal year 2020-21.

Despite the four-month ban on onion shipments due to the pandemic, raw onion exporters of India are witnessing the lowest-earning of the last six years in 2020-21. With no export from last September to January of onions causing Indian traders and farmers to lose out on buyers.

Indian onion farmers and traders demanded an immediate uplifting during the ban; Maharashtra onion farmers demand that the central government come up with an Exim policy. Countries like the US and Japan have also dragged India to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), objecting to India’s frequent bans on onion without prior notification.

The countries complained to the WTO that such sudden stops on exports cause their countries to face immense challenges. Also, why no clarification on stopping the export was not given, along with why there was no option for export quota.

While the country faces domestic and international problems with its raw onion ban, Indian traders and exporters of dry onion are rejoicing the increase in export.