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As we know, India is one of the top countries in chilli production and consumption, and chilli is considered to be the most important ingredient in Indian spices. India’s share in chilli production globally is 36 to 39% while on the second number, China with 11% and then Bangladesh and Peru with 8% and Pakistan with 6%.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the highest production states of Indian chillies, around 57%.

Due to the first and second waves of the corona, demand for chilli remained slowed in the current season in the local market and China.

Looking at the current situation, there is still a fear of the third wave of corona in the market, and thus, the demand from retailers and wholesalers is lower. Currently chilli market is on hand to mouth condition.

New-season of chilli will start in November, and till then, there is no big movement expected in the chilli market. As per traders reports, the market is expected to remain steady because of the festive season. There is still no big demand coming from the local market.

Currently, Indian chilli prices for S4 steamless quality are quoted between the US $ 2.050 and $ 2.100 pmt.

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