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Kharif (Winter) sowing in India has been almost ended, and according to the latest data, sowing this year has been decreased compared to last year. However, the sowing of pulses increased than last year.

Sorghum sowing increased to 400,00,000 hector for the first time in the country.

Pulses crop sowing has been raised by 1.18 per cent compared to last year. Cultivation of pigeon pea has increased 49,49,000 hectares which were 47,45,000 hectares last year.

The cultivation of black lentils was reported to be 37,94,000 hectares, moong beans at 34,24,000 hectares. At the same time, the cultivation of cereal crops has been estimated at 80,98,000 hectares which were 74,92,000 hectares last year.

Looking at the oilseed crops, the cultivation of oilseeds has been decreased this monsoon season, but the soybean crop has been cultivated in 121,61,000 hectares which is higher compare to last year 120,61,000 hectares.

Country’s Kharif sowing (in Lakh Hectares)
Crop_Name 2021 2020 Change (%)
Sorghum 401.15 400.54 0.15
Pulses 136.85 135.26 1.18
Cereal crops 172.72 176.72 -2.26
Oil Seeds 190.94 194.14 -1.65
Sugarcane 54.7 53.96 1.37
Cotton 118.13 126.45 -6.58
Total 1081.5 1094.01 -1.14

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