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The sesame seed market was anxiously waiting for the South Korean sesame seed tender
announcement. It is in three parts. P1 and P2 contain 2.700 MT volumes. Each P3 contains 3.600 MT volumes. It was finally revealed where India won the maximum bidding tenders with ten while Pakistan won three tenders.

For the bid number AT2248-SI-21(130), Indian companies received all the exports. The
companies that had the successful bidding were FairBridge Commodities for $1,589 per ton,
and the volume was 600 MT. Ascending Co., Ltd. also bid for 600 MT at $1,602 per ton. While
CS MRO bid for 900 MT at $1,610 per ton, Holy Sunday Distribution won at $1,617.44 per
ton for 600 MT.

India shared the tender bid number AT2249-SI-21(131) with Pakistan. The companies that won
the bid in this category from India were CS MRO for 900 volumes at $1,577 per ton and $1,569
per ton. Holy Sunday distribution, too, won two tenders each for 600 volumes at $1,585.44 per
ton, Agri Source won for 600 volumes at $1,598.98 per ton, and Jaya Co. Ltd., too, for 600
volumes at $1,594 per ton.

The rest of the bids in this category were won by Pakistan’s Jupiter Co., Ltd. For 900 volumes at
$1,502 per ton and another for 600 volumes at $1,514 per ton, Trinity Trade won the bid at
$1,574 per ton for 600 volumes.

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