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There was no change in coriander prices on Monday and today, the initial two days. The main reason was limited activities in markets across the country as big buyers and stockists stayed away from the market.

Local buyers dominated the market auctions with the help of local spices mill requirements. However, there is good demand from domestic buyers and wholesalers, but that did not make any significant impact in the markets of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat state. Therefore, arrivals were also less in the markets.

Coriander prices for Eagle 5% split are trending at $1,13 per kg and 100% split at $1,10 per kg. There was no change in upper-grades of coriander prices. The demand from the mills of the South is weak these days plus the demand from Delhi, Bihar and Bengal lines were also less. On the other hand, no overseas demand or deals have been in the opening days of the week.

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