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GUJARAT – The peanut market is experiencing a steady rise in prices for the last week. The trend continued
this week when the market opened. Both the varieties under Bold and Java had a significant
price hike. This is the result of the demand for peanut oil and an increase in the freight price

On August 23 the Bold varieties of peanuts, like 40-50 increased from USD 1,27 per kg FOB to USD 1,30
per kg FOB. 50-60 rose to USD 1,33 per kg FOB from USD 1,30 and 60-70 increased to USD 1,29 per kg
FOB from $1,26 per kg FOB.

The case was the same for Java varieties, where 50-60 saw an increase to USD 1,41 per kg FOB
from USD 1,38 per kg FOB. Similarly, 60-70 and 70-80 increased from USD 1,35 per kg FOB to USD 1,38
per kg FOB and USD 1,28 per kg FOB from USD 1,25 per kg FOB respectively.

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