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India: Raisins at Peak Levels, No Scope of Further Growth

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Dried Fruits, Raisins

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Markets are moving fast this time due to the delay in the harvest of raisins and the lack of availability of old goods, but now because of the pressure of arrival, goods should be sold at every level. According to the latest survey reports, this time, due to the backward rains, the grapes crop has been delayed in Tasgaon, Sangli line, due to which, arrivals in the mandis are a month late.

In the last one and a half months, the market was very high; and the stockists were selling goods at a higher price. Gradually, arrival started increasing in the mandis, due to which the market has begun to slow down a bit. But experts believe that the demand for weddings will be constant for the next two months in the domestic market of India. The traders who have bought raisins at higher prices are now selling and have started to come out, due to which the market is not supposed to go much higher from these levels. For the next two months, the goods have already gone to the distribution and consumption mandis for consumption, so it seems that the market will be very slow after two months.

It is worth noting that last year the price of raisins Golden AAA quality was approximately $1,51/1,58 per kg in Sangli, which has opened in the new season at $2,36/2,50. And in the last one and a half months, it has reached to $2,95/3,09 per kg. Traders stated that the harvest is good, and the old stuff is out of stock, making the markets very high. There is no scope for further increase in these prices from these levels.

Price Trend

Golden Raisin A Grade 

Date Price
April 4-14 $1,85 per kg FOB
March 31 $1,73 per kg FOB

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