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Currently, the raisin prices are holding steady due to the good domestic and international demand. In the last few days, the festival season has increased the purchase and overall activity in the market, which has helped the prices go stable after they dropped at the beginning of the week.

Early this week, Golden Raisin AA Quality dropped to $1,63 per kg FOB from $1,65 per kg FOB. Similarly, Black Raisin AA Quality and Malaya Raisin AA Quality experienced the same trend, with a price drop from $1,07 per kg FOB to $1,06 per kg FOB and $1,15 per kg FOB $1,13 per kg FOB, respectively.

But with high demand for the green raisin variety with extremely high demand for golden types, the market started to move towards stability after the price went south earlier.

It has been reported the prices went better for Malaya Raisins Grade A at $1,129 pmt, Nasik Golden Grade A at $1,632 pmt, while Black raisins Grade A and Black Brown Raisins Grade A at $1,061 pmt and $8,299 pmt, respectively.

The raisin market’s latest development is expected to continue, which has come as a relief for the crop’s farmers and traders.

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