DELHI – India exported USD 41.25 billion worth of agriculture and allied products for 2020-2021. The growth is estimated to be about 17.34 per cent compared to last year. Compared to 2019-2020, India’s agriculture export has increased by 28.36 per cent, which is USD 29.81 billion.

There has been a significant boom in the export of Indian agricultural products, according to the government Commerce Secretary Anup Wadhwan. He further stated that the momentum of growth is likely to sustain and continue for the current year.

Most of the items exported were non-basmati rice, cereals, millet, wheat, maize, and other coarse grains.

Though the export was stagnant last year due to the Covid 19 situation, there was a lull in the agricultural export business even before that.

In the fiscal year 2017-18, the export was worth USD 38.43 billion, for 2018-19 worth USD 35.16 billion, and 2019-20 recorded export worth USD 35.16 billion of agriculture and allied products (this include marine and plantation items). But 2020-21 has fared better than the previous years, and with the steady rise in agriculture export new Agri export policy is being implemented.

Eighteen states of the country are implementing this specific policy for agricultural export. In addition, the policy has also given scope to form 46 unique-product-district clusters that will promote and export region-specific agriculture products.

Some of the countries that are the major importers of Indian agricultural products are Iran, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, UAE, Bangladesh, China, and the US. In addition, Indian now has market access to export agriculture items in Australia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Serbia, Iran, and Bhutan.

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