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Both in domestic and international markets, there is a rise in the demand for sesame. With this demand, it is expected that there will be an increase in the price by Rs 4 to 5 in the coming days. In the last week itself, the price for white sesame seed increased by $.20/kg.

Even though the news of heavy rain causing damage to the crop in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh has not affected the price of the seeds.

It is expected that China and Vietnam will be ordering between 250 to 300 containers of a sesame seed. In addition, South Korea’s tender for 13 thousand tons of sesame seed is also likely to be on the market soon.

There is a constant demand from Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh’s hulling unit and Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu’s crushing unit in the domestic markets.

Furthermore, Tanzania and Mozambique have already fulfilled their demand in the international market. China consumes little quantity from Sudan’s sesame seed market. Nigeria will be bringing its new products to the market around October November.

Pakistan is likely to produce between 10 and 12 thousand tons of sesame seed this year, and they are likely to sell at $1,07 to $1,12 per kg.

Indian sesame seed was the cheapest in the international market till last month. However, due to the increase in domestic demand, the seed prices can go up between $1,35 and $1,5 per kg in the international market.

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