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In July, most of the turmeric growing states experienced heavy rainfall. There was also a report of infestation and low-quality produce of the off-seasonal turmeric crops. However, despite these factors, this year, India is likely to have an increase in the production acreage by 10 to 15 per cent in turmeric compared to last year.

The increase in the acreage comes after the news that most of the turmeric-growing states have completed their sowing. However, some areas in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh still have some sowing to complete. Furthermore, despite the heavy rainfall in July, there is no report of damage to crops.

The only negative impact due to rain and infestation of the off-seasonal plants was the low quantity of turmeric arrival in the market. But this has not impacted the prices heavily. The prices were steady in the market because of the domestic and export demand.

Market analysts think that the prices of turmeric will improve in the coming days due to the domestic destination markets getting back to normal after easing the COVID-19 restrictions. Also, the upcoming festival season will impact the prices positively in the domestic market.

Turmeric price for Salem double-polished A Grade quality prevailing @ $12,01 per kg FOB in the Export market and for Nizamabad double-polished A Grade going on at $11,21 per kg FOB.

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