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GUJARAT – Due to heavy rainfall and adverse weather in the sesame growing states especially Gujarat, the heart of Sesame Seeds, the new sesame crop is expected to be lower compared to last year and traders are expecting quality issues in a new crop of white and black sesame seeds.

There is good demand for good quality crops in the market. Farmers in Gujarat state are worried about the damage in the crop and fear of crop damage.

According to traders, currently, the quality of the crop is now dependent on weather, if the weather improves in the coming days only then the arrivals will increase in the market.

There is also bad weather condition reported due to heavy rainfall in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh states and there is an expectation of crop damage over those states of India.

Harvesting of the new crop started in some regions of the Gujarat state but there are still no arrivals coming for natural quality sesame and primarily spoiled crops coming in the markets. So far, the new crop was estimated at 400.000 tons including growing states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh but now traders are expecting fewer crops.

The new crop season has already been delayed and now it is expected to be further delayed by a month.

Hulled sesame seeds prices, this week are being offered for NON-EU destinations at US$ 1,92 /kg FOB and for EU destinations at US$ 1,96 /kg FOB.

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