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American almond prices were $6.84 per Kg in April, which increased to $13.68 to $14.37 per Kg in August in the Mumbai market.

Mumbai importers, who made contracts at $8.21 and $8.89 per Kg in May-June, now earned good profit as they sold those almonds at current prices in Bengaluru, Amritsar, Kolkata and Delhi markets.

However, prices decreased slightly last Friday at $11.29 and $11.63 per Kg due to good supply in the market. But overall fundamentals are still higher in the Indian almond market.

Due to extreme heat in California, the almond crop fell by 20 to 22%, The prices are quoted at $2.80 per pound in the current month, which was $1.34 in April-May.

Syrian almond prices increased from $8.21 to $10.95 per Kg by last week.

According to traders, the market will boom in the coming days if the buying increase because there is no new shipment for a month now.

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