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According to traders, caraway seeds prices can be up in the coming months as the festive season of Navratri and Diwali will support the market trend.

As per the trader’s report, 1,25 million bags of caraway seed stock are available in the mandis.

Caraway seeds mainly sow in Gujarat state in Gujarat state in Jamnagar, Amreli, Banas Kantha, Tharad, Dhanera, Mahesana and Bhiloda. Due to excessive rainfall in Jamnagar, there are concerns about crop damage, but no clear report declared yet.

This time sowing was late by one month in the Jamnagar area, so new arrivals are expected late. However, usually, new arrivals had started coming by January-February month. Another side, summer caraway seed crop arrivals already coming in the Unjha market around 2000 bags daily, and prices currently are being quoted around $1,36 – $1,57 per kg for summer caraway seeds for average quality, $1,63 – $1,70 per kg for Medium grade quality and the best quality $1,91-$2,11 per kg. At the same time, prices for winter crops are being offered between $2,38 – $3,74 per kg.

Traders expect a rise in caraway seed prices as the Navratri festival will start next month, and prices can be high by $0,10-$0,14 per kg in the coming months as the demand will increase during the Navratri festival. On the other hand, next summer crop price is expected to increase due to good rainfall during this season.

Almost 60 per cent of the summer caraway seed crop arrived in the mandis, while the farmers have stocked 40% of the crop in the hope of getting good prices.

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