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Most of the varieties of sesame were stable, apart from White Hulled Sesame Seeds Auto dry varieties. All the white hulled sesame seed auto dry categories, i.e., 99.98%, 99.97%, and 99.95%, had a better run in the market. 99.8% increased from $1,66 per kg FOB to $1,70 per kg FOB, 99.97% rose to $1,65 per Kg FOB from $1,60 per Kg FOB and lastly 99.95% closed at a higher price, i.e $6,64 per kg FOB from $1,58 per kg FOB.

It was a mixed situation for mustard seeds. While both Brown Mustard Seeds Machine Clean varieties increase the price, Micro increased from $1,00 per kg FOB to $1,12 per kg FOB. Bold closed at $1,04 per kg FOB from $1,03 per kg FOB. Yellow mustard seeds machine clean varieties whereas had a fall in the price, the Micro slumped to $1,06 per kg FOB from $1,10. Similarly bold fell from $1,21 per kg FOB to $1,14 per kg FOB.

Nigella experienced a slump in the price. It started the month at a lower price than July at $2,98 per kg FOB and ended the week at $2,95 per kg FOB.

Other prices like Dill, Celery seeds whole, Flaxseed machine clean, and curry powder hot-gulf all ended on a lower note than the prices at the beginning of the month. However, grains like Wheat milling Quality Sortex, Millet Machine Clean, Millet Green Bold, and Wheat Flour closed the week positively, i.e., highest in the weak.

The rest of the commodities held the price stable, and it is expected to stay that way in the coming weeks with the easing of the lockdown and domestic demand increasing.

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