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The Covid restrictions combined with extensive rain, rise in the freight prices, and less demand in the domestic and international market for most commodities didn’t perform as expected in July. With most commodities having a slump or fluctuation in process, few items performed better and ended the month on a higher note.

Though the Chilli market was fluctuating throughout the month with less demand and a drop in the quality of the products, the category Chilli S4 stemless reached and closed at this month’s highest at FOB $2095 per metric ton from FOB $2075 per metric ton, the opening price on July 1.

Dry Ginger had a slight dip from FOB $2081 per metric ton on July 1 to FOB $2080 per metric ton, but it jumped to FOB $2500 per metric ton towards the middle of the month before closing FOB $2405 per metric ton on July 29.

Both the varieties of Nigella closed at the top of this month’s price after Nigella Seeds Machine Clean started at FOB $2825 per metric ton and Nigella Seeds Kalonji Sortex quality at FOB $2906 per metric ton. On July 29, the Machine clean was FOB $2992 per metric ton, and Kalonji Sortex was FOB $3060 per metric ton.

Fenugreek varieties performed well in the market, with FAQ Machine Clean at FOB $831 per metric ton on July 1 and Sortex at FOB $924 per metric ton. While FAQ Machine Clean rose and closed at FOB $942 per metric ton, Sortex closed at FOB $995 per metric ton, both enjoying the highest trading rates for the month.

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