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With the COVID-19 restrictions being eased in most places and lifting in some areas, it is expected that coriander’s prices will pick up soon as the domestic demand rises. In addition, the factor that in the next few months festivals are starting will also positively impact coriander prices.

According to traders, the crop output is the same as last year. The positive nature of the coriander market was eminent from the way it played out last month. Though all the varieties opened at low prices and continued to slump even further as the weeks progressed, soon it started picking up and closed on a positive note.

Coriander Eagle, 5% Split, opened at $0,89/kg FOB, slumped to $0,88/kg FOB, and reached the highest $0,95/kg FOB before closing at 926. Eagle, 100% Split, was $0,87/kg FOB on July 1, dropped to 0,86/kg FOB, reached $0,92, and ended the month at $89/kg FOB. The story was slightly different for Single Parrot and Double Parrot, and both ended closed at the highest price seen in the month. Single Parrot was $1,15/ kg FOB on July 1 before going down to $1,15/kg FOB and then rose to $1,21/kg FOB and closed at the same. Double Parrot had the lowest price at $1,30/kg FOB after opening at $1,308 /kg FOB and ended on a high note of $1,36/kg FOB.

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