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Coriander prices remained stable in markets across the country for the second consecutive day last Friday as buyers kept themselves away from the market. Rajasthan’s Baran and Ramganj mandis were closed today due to local festivals. In Kota and Jaipur markets also the arrival of coriander was significantly less. Coriander trade remained sluggish in the mandis of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

Farmers also reached/arrived in fewer numbers in the mandis due to Ekadashi and Vishwakarma Jayanti. Outside buyers stayed away from the mandis of Rajasthan today. The absence of big buyers from the market also restricted an upside. Today only in Gondal mandi of Gujarat was a slump of $ 0,68 per kg.

Coriander eagle and parrot remained in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, and there was no significant change in the price till evening. Due to the lack of flow from the mills of the south, the price has remained stable. There were inquiries from the buyers, but the purchase orders were not finalised. Today 5,500 bags of coriander arrived in the mandis of Rajasthan as against 11,500 bags on Thursday. The arrival of coriander in the mandis of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh also remained low due to falling prices. In most of the mandis, including Jaipur, Kota of Rajasthan, there was a fall in the arrival of coriander today.

A total of 12,000 bags arrived in the mandis of Gujarat, 15,000 bags in the mandis of Madhya Pradesh. In Kota mandi of Rajasthan, 200 backpacks and Jaipur 500 loads of coriander arrived. In a bag of coriander, the weight remained up to 40 kg.

Coriander Seeds, the Eagle 5% Split  Prices were Recorded at $1,13 per Kg FOB, and Eagle 100% Split Price was Recorded at $1,10 Per Kg FOB.

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