MUMBAI – Like any other country, India, a major importer, has always wanted to export more. Finally, the demand from worldwide has come, and India can really export more than import. Many industries don’t have containers to export goods. There are many shipments on hold due to the non-availability of containers. The freights increased for almost all destinations by 50% during the last months. In so many cases 20 feet container freight prices are higher than 40 feet containers, as demand for 20 feet containers is usually more, especially in commodities markets.

When the deals and business of India went silent because of the global outbreak scenario and a nationwide lockdown, everything was uncertain. Exporters shut down factories, and shipping lines had to cancel hundreds of routes. Labour was also a big issue as many went back to their villages. Now there is good demand from almost all the sectors from India to overseas markets. Unfortunately, transportation and logistics have put a big question mark on its supply and growth.

Freight from Kandla/Mundra/Mumbai – India port to Hamburg/Rotterdam used to be between 1.000 to 1.500 USD per 20 feet container, but now that is increased 2.500 to 3.000 USD approximately.

Everyone is hoping that soon this situation gets better and freights will come down but looking at the current situation, freight might get even higher soon.