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Indian Fenugreek Expected to Remain Strong and Stable

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Fenugreek, Spices

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Due to the increased pressure of new fenugreek in the mandis of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, there has been a fall of $0,07/0,09 per kg in the last 20 days in the market. Therefore, the market is not looking more bearish from here. The clients might be interested in buying at the current price.

According to the survey reports, the pressure on fenugreek has increased in the Neemuch, Mandsaur, Shivpuri, and Katni lines of Madhya Pradesh. According to their quality, the fenugreek price ranges between $0,69 to $0,73 per kg. Apart from this, new fenugreek has arrived in the Pratap line of Rajasthan. According to the sources, due to the increased prices of fenugreek this year, the sowing is high. As farmers got reasonable prices in fenugreek last year, the sowing of the crop in the current season is high.

Observing the high prices in the market, the farmers are selling the goods, due to which the markets have decreased. In the last 20 days, on average, fenugreek reduced to $0,69 to 0,73 per kg in all mandis of the country. However, this time, two and a half million metric tonnes of production is estimated against last year’s one and a half million tonnes.


Fenugreek Sortex

Date Price
April 12 $ 0,92 per kg FOB
April 04 $ 0,94 per kg FOB

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