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The trading price of the fenugreek seeds has been on a steady rise from the beginning of the month. It is believed that the prices will stay stable in the market for the spice and rise in the coming days because of its season.

The monsoon season and the demand for fenugreek in the domestic and international market resulted in the price rising. For both fenugreek varieties, i.e., Fenugreek FAQ Machine Clean and Fenugreek Sortex, the market opened at 831 and 924, respectively, on July 1.

On July 5, though, the prices dropped, but from July 7, the price of Machine Clean picked up at 942, while Sortex dropped by USD 4 from 917. However, on July 8, Sortex picked up significantly to 987 and stayed stable until the end of the week.

Fenugreek FAQ Machine Clean dropped from 942 to 898 on July 8 and held the same price till July 15. However, on Monday, July 19, the trader reported that the cost of fenugreek had gone up by 27.12 (INR 2 per kg).

India being the leading exporter in fenugreek and the rise in the demand of the spice in the western world and other parts, it is believed that there will be a significant rise in the price in the coming months. According to the analysts, despite less production of the seed than previous years, fenugreek’s market will not be affected negatively.

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