On Friday night, the government imposed stock limits on pulses for wholesalers, retailers, millers, and importers until October 31.

Indian Pulses and Grains Trade Association (IPGA), the apex body trade body, has immediately urged the Government to withdraw the order. This order of imposing stock limits on pulses has taken the pulses industry by complete surprise. It’s quite a regressive step by the government and will severely impact not only the wholesalers, retailers and importers but also the farmers and consumers.”

Mr Bimal Kothari, Vice Chairman, IPGA, said that farmers would be adversely impacted as it will be peak season for them, with festivals around the corner and planting time for Kharif crops. “Prices are going to crash. Chana is already selling below MSP. Tur and Urad are selling at MSP. On the one hand, the Centre wants the farmers to get MSP and double the farmers’ income. Still, this kind of policy will hurt everybody and is certainly not beneficial to anyone,” “India needs 25 million tonnes of pulses every year. This year we are expecting a shortage. Normally, an importer imports 3,000 to 5,000 tonnes of one variety, but imposing a limit to just 100 tonnes per variety will lead to controlling supplies. Such restrictions will cause more harm than good to the farmers and consumers. These limits are going to throttle supplies as the importers will not be in a position to import large quantities together,” Kothari added.

Indian Traders are hoping that government will immediately withdraw the order.

Source: The Hindu Business Line

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