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Indian peanut prices trending steady to weak for the various varieties. Currently, peanut arrivals are lower, and on the other side, there is no massive demand for new peanut crops in the markets.

Prices are offered relatively steady and low for all varieties due to weak trends in the markets. Arrivals in Gujarat state reported 2500 bags, but there is a prolonged demand against the lower arrivals. Thus the market is not getting support. Most of the traders are dependent on stocked goods.

New-season supply has started coming in the Rajkot and Gondal cities of Gujarat, but the quality of the goods was found a bit low due to heavy rainfall and climate, moisture content seemed high, and that will not be okay for crushing units.

According to peanut traders, if the rainfall stops in the coming days, arrivals are likely to increase. Otherwise, there is no chance of rising arrivals, and regular supply will start after 15 to 20 days.

Below are the prices for Indian peanuts as of now:

Bold 40/50: $1330/ton, Bold 50/60: $1360/ton, Bold 60/70: $1320/ton

Java 50/60: $1440/ton, Java 60/70: $1410/ton, Java 70/80: $1310/ton

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