DELHI – As the Indian Government has decided to import pulses to control the rising rates of the same, it has become a concern for Indian farmers.

The move by the Union Government to remove the import taxes on the pulse on May 15, 2021, has made not only the farmers wary of the decision but traders too. Farmers are fearful that the move of importing pulses will spoil their profit for next year.

While the Government wants to provide respite to consumers from the rising pulse prices, by imposing stock limits on retailers, wholesalers, importers, and millers recently, it is making the farmers suffer, according to Pradeep Khandelwal, a pulse trader from Indore.

In a virtual press briefing Union Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey said that the prices of pulses have continued to decrease for the last 4 -5 weeks. Apart from lentils, all other pulses are selling for less in both wholesale and retail markets.

The Government had put an imposition on stock limits. This will positively impact the consumers as there will be a further cooling-off period on the retail prices, as per Mr. Pandey. In the virtual press briefing, he said that the retail prices of pulses have gone down by USD 0.094/kg in a month.

The only pulse that won’t see much decline in the price is the lentils since it is mainly imported as India doesn’t grow much of it.

The entire situation is leading to a dispute between the farmers, traders, and the Indian Government.