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At a lower level, stockists’ buying remained sluggish, due to which red chilli remained at the same level of $ 2,12 per kg. Recently it has come down a little, but premium quality chillies like Teja remained bullish as supplies were tight.

There are reports of the arrival of about 65 to 70,000 sacks of red chillies, and the price remained stable. Experts say there is no possibility of bearishness in red chilli in the coming days. However, its latest level is shallow compared to a week ago. Red chilli may remain strong in the spot markets in the coming week.

This major grocery has seen a significant rise recently due to comparatively low arrivals of red chillies and support for buying in the major districts of Telangana, including Andhra Pradesh. The strength in prices of red chilli is expected to continue in the coming days.

Farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have restricted the sale of their red chilli crop for some time to get higher prices in the future. Therefore, the arrival of red chillies in Guntur Mandi of Andhra Pradesh has reduced to about 70-75 thousand sacks. Earlier, its arrival reported 1,00,000 sacks. As crop production is less than the previous year, even after the start of the new crop, the price of this significant grocery in the spot remained high.

In the coming days, the spot price of red chillies is likely to remain strong.

Price Trend

Chilli S4 stemless

Date Price
April 07 $2,12 per kg FOB
March 31 $2,11 per kg FOB

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