MUMBAI – India is the largest producer of cumin seeds in the world since 2019, overtaking the US. The country has 70% of the world’s cumin seed export, and despite the pandemic, India’s prediction will continue to be the leading producer and exporter of cumin seeds.

Despite the US being the leader in cumin seed export in 2017, it became the highest importer of cumin seed from India for 2020-2021. It imported cumin seed worth USD 8.96 million from India and was just a little shy of consuming half of India’s cumin seed export with 46.19%.

The other countries that follow the US in importing cumin seeds from India are the UK, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and New Zealand. The top five countries alone consume 75% of India’s cumin seed export.

For the year 2020, India produced 547.000 tons compared to Afghanistan 9.000 tons, Turkey 6.000 tons, Syria 4/5.000 tons, and Iran 4.000 tons. However, due to the pandemic, India has seen a significant dip in the production of cumin seeds from 680.000 tons in 2017-2018 and 693.000 tons in 2018-2019.

But it is still true that the country continues to be the leader in production, and there is no bullish trend in the market. Any producer of cumin seed and planning on export must remember that the cumin seed market has a bearish trend. So, prepare accordingly to have less anxiousness and stress, as the market fluctuates due to the pandemic.