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GUJARAT – With decreased production of cumin seed in the exporting countries, the likelihood of Indian cumin export is on a significant rise in the coming days. 

Turkey and Iran are already struggling to meet their local requirements due to the non-ripening of the seeds. Hence there is zero per cent chance of them exporting any. Even Afghanistan and Syria would not be able to meet the required international demand for the cumin seed. It is estimated that Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan would supply 25% of the global cumin seed demand. But with the political upheaval in Afghanistan, lack of production in Iran and Turney, and rejection of cumin seeds from Syria, these countries will be able to meet only 10% of the export market. 

African and Middle Eastern countries and other international purchasers are now looking towards India to meet their domestic cumin seed demand. In the Middle Eastern countries, Indian cumin seeds were priced at USD 1.870 per ton to USD 1.875 per ton a month ago. It has now increased from USD 2.000 per ton to USD 2.025 per ton. 

On the other hand, despite the Taliban occupation, Afghanistan offers cumin exports at USD 2.850 to USD 2.950 per ton, while Syria is quoting the price of cumin seed in the international market between USD 3.050 and USD 3.100 per ton. 

The demand for cumin seeds in the international market is now hence moving towards India. Therefore, it is believed that India will be stepping up the export of cumin seeds in the coming days.

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