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The prices of Burma’s pigeon pea, black gram whole, and lentils registered a rise in the domestic market, while mills’ purchases remained weak at high prices. Wholesale and retail demand is weak in pulses, so there is no possibility of a significant price rise. The prices of pigeon pea, Black gram, and gram softened in the producing markets.

 Along with pigeon pea, the import of Black gram whole from Burma to India will remain the same because the central government has extended the period of their quantitative free import till March 2023. While the production of pigeon pea and Black gram whole is higher in Burma, the stock of pigeon pea and Black gram whole in domestic mandis is good. Although the recent sharp rise in crude oil prices has increased transportation costs, there may be a slight improvement in prices, but there is no chance of a big surge.


The arrival of Black gram whole in Andhra Pradesh will remain the same in the current month. At the same time, the arrival of new Black gram whole in the Jabalpur line of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh will also stay the same till the end of the current month. According to sources, the sowing of Black gram whole has increased in Gujarat and the Jabalpur line; so far, the weather is favorable for the crop. Hence production will increase. 

According to experts, Black gram whole production in Madhya Pradesh is estimated to be 3 to 3 50 000 tonnes. In March, about 43,000 tonnes of imported Black gram whole have reached Indian ports, and the current month’s imports will remain the same.

In Delhi, the prices of Burma’s Lemon pigeon pea 2022 per crop rose by $0,06 to 0,90 per kg. In Chennai, Burma, lemon pigeon pea rose by $0,05 to $0,85 per kg. Burma’s new Lemon pigeon pea prices also rose by $0,05 to $0,86 per kg in Mumbai due to improved demand from mills.

Tanzania & Malawi

 Tanzanian Arusha pigeon pea and Tanzania’s matwara pigeon pea prices settled at $ 0,74 to 0,75 per kg in Indian Domestic Markets. Malawi Lemon pigeon pea prices also dropped at an earlier level of $0,73-0,68 per kg.

Canada & Australia 

 In Delhi, the lentils from Canada rose by $0,01 per kg. Due to limited demand from pulse mills, the prices of Canadian lentils are not much high in Mumbai and Mudra port. At the same time, Australian lentil prices remained stable in Indian Markets at $0,97 to 0,98 per kg and Canadian lentils at $0,96 to 0,97 per kg.

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