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95 per cent of the figs produced in Kermanshah are produced in Dalahou city. Rajab is the most important fig production area in Dalahou County. Rajab gardens are struggling with severe water shortages. Due to the drought, fig production has decreased by 20 per cent compared to last year.

According to the Agricultural Organizations of Dalahou city in Kermanshah, fig harvesting began from the orchards of Rajab. A total of more than 7,000 tons of figs are expected to be produced in the city this year. The area of ​​fig orchards in Dalahou County is about 500 hectares. 463 hectares of gardens in this city are fertile, and the rest have not yet reached the fertile stage. They are seedlings. The average production of figs in the orchards of Dalahou is 15.5 tons per hectare. This city is an indicator in terms of fig production in Iran. There is nowhere in Iran which has this amount of production. Figs produced in this city have fans in the Persian Gulf countries. The city of Dalahou is the only source of Manjifi figs. These figs are used as both fresh and dried fruits. It is also consumed semi-dry. Black figs, Sham are other types of figs produced in this County. The fig harvest in this city will continue until the middle of September.

Drought is one of the main causes of water shortages. One of the most important victims of this year’s drought is the orchards and fertile trees in previous years. But this year, there is no evidence about the abundance of gardens and trees, especially in Kermanshah. The province with the highest decrease in rainfall in the country. Agriculture and horticulture are some of the most important sources of income of the people of Kermanshah. Rajab gardens, including its golden figs, have been damaged by drought. Manji figs are one of the best types of figs in the country. They are currently sold in Mashhad and Tehran under Kermanshah figs, which are also very popular. However, Its production has decreased by 20 per cent in the country this year.

Compared to last month, the prices of Iranian dried figs for export in the domestic and international markets have decreased. Due to the left time to enter this year’s product, the demand for this product has decreased, which has led to a decline in the price. Also, during the last two weeks, the exchange rate of foreign currencies against the Rial has increased, which has led to a decrease in the price of Iranian dried figs for export. In general, compared to last month, the price of Iranian dried figs for export in international markets has decreased by about 10 to 12.5 per cent.

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