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Iran Walnut: 30 percent reduction in walnut production due to frost and drought in Khorasan Razavi

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Iran, Nuts, walnut, Walnuts

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Since last year, frost and drought have reduced walnut production by 30 per cent in Khorasan Razavi province.

Khorasan Razavi is one of the provinces with great potential in walnut production. Some of the advantages of the product of this region are the quality, taste, fat, and whiteness of its kernels due to its suitable climate. Currently, there are 5,960 hectares of walnut orchards in this province, of which about 5,150 hectares are fertile. It is expected that 5,200 tons of walnuts will be produced in the area this year.

According to the Agricultural Organizations of Khorasan Razavi Province, walnut harvest has decreased by about 30 per cent this year due to the frost of late last year, the continuation and increase of drought, and water shortage. Other factors, such as rising temperatures and hot winds, have also reduced the weight of the walnut kernel. Charan, Joghatai, and Kalat counties have the first to third positions of walnut production in this province, respectively. The product of these areas has a better quality.

The most crucial target of Iran’s walnut exports is the Middle East, especially Iraq. In the last six months, more than 72.5 per cent of Iran’s walnuts have been exported to Iraq, mainly from the Jolfa border. After Iraq, the other major export customers of Iranian walnuts and walnut kernels are the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait. Most of Iran’s walnuts are exported unshelled. In the last six months, 81.5 per cent of Iran’s walnut have shipped unshelled, and only 18.5 per cent of it has been exported as shelled walnuts.

With the arrival of the new year product, the market expected prices to decrease. However, due to the decrease in production due to frost and drought and also the increase in demand for walnuts and walnut kernels with export quality and the lack of this product with premium and export quality, the price of walnuts and walnut kernels for export has increased compared to the past six weeks. Compared to the last six weeks, the prices of Iranian walnuts and walnut kernels have risen by 9.4 to 12.8%.

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