TEHRAN – While South Khorasan province is called the barberry capital of the world, the pandemic has affected the barberry market. It results in decreasing prices, and it has negative effects on this strategic product every day.

South Khorasan is a desert province that has faced 21 years of drought. The seedless barberry in South Khorasan is one of the famous products in the world. South Khorasan barberry, with a cultivation area of 18.600 hectares, has the highest level of barberry in Iran. About 98% of Iranian barberry is produced in South Khorasan province and is the first rank in the production of barberry in the world. This province produces about 22,000 tons of barberry each year, which, unfortunately, less than 8,000 tons of this amount is processed.

The farmers harvest their products once a year. They sell some of it to the local market and export the rest. However, due to the pandemic, this market has encountered some issues. The pandemic causes this strategic product of South Khorasan province to be piled up in cold storage and reduces the barberry demand in the world, which led to a sharp decrease in barberry price. Therefore, the farmers suffered a lot from this pandemic.

Another reason for the decrease in barberry exports from South Khorasan province is the increase in Iranian customs sensitivities for the export of high quality and organic barberry. Last year, 100 tons of barberry were exported from South Khorasan province, and since the beginning of this year, 38 tons of barberry have been exported from this province. Last year, 5 tons of high-quality organic barberry were exported to other countries. Distinguishing organic barberry from other barberries requires special testing.

Currently, the barberry market is stagnant, and neither the seller is willing to sell his barberry, nor the buyer is willing to take the risk. Puffed Barberry is the most barberry in the market now. Due to the constant price of barberry in the domestic market of Iran compared to last year and the increase of more than one hundred per cent in the price of foreign currencies, the price of exported barberry of Iran has decreased in international markets.

The price of Iranian exported barberry has decreased compared to last week due to the constant price of this product in the domestic market and the increase in the exchange rate of foreign currencies against the Iranian Rial. The price of Iranian barberry for export in international markets has decreased between 1.3 to 1.5 per cent compared to the last two weeks.

Product Type Grade Price(USD/kg) Price(Euro/kg)
Barberry Dried Puffed Premium Grade 3.75 3.24
Dried Anari Premium Grade 3.16 2.73

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