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Is the Indian Cardamom Price Satisfying?

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Cardamom, Spices

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Previous Week Trend

Even after increasing the temperature to more than 40 degrees Celsius in growing regions of south India, the uptake of small cardamom remains sluggish. As a result, small cardamom 7,5 mm remained frozen at the pre-banded level of $15,81 per kg in Mandis. 

Current Trend

Recently there was a recession of $0,65 in it. On the other hand, the arrival of small cardamom has increased weekly. Despite the arrivals being comparatively high, the average auction price of small cardamom was reported to have jumped to $12,24 per kg in local marketing yardsEarlier, in the auction held on March 26, its price was $11,54. Therefore, the market is gradually moving upwards. 

Future Trend

Along with increased arrival, domestic and export demand has also increased. Therefore there is no possibility of a significant cardamom recession in the coming few days. Russia Ukraine Crises Cuts Off Black Sea Supplies   

Total arrivals of the week were 19,03 tonnes, maximum from Maharashtra of 15 to 16 tonnes. 

Price Trend

Green Cardamom 8 mm

Data Price
April 07 $17,99 per kg FOB
April 05 $17,95 per kg FOB
March 31 $17,90 per kg FOB

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