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ODESA: This year Ukrainian government has started active overweight control on the roads. PIt caused a significant price increase of auto logistics and a more considerable demand for railway transportation. Ukraine wasn’t ready to cover all logistic problems, and it led to the disruption of supplies.

Shipping lines also don’t make the life of traders easier. Containers freight rates are changing every day, and any planning becomes difficult as a significant freight price increase can happen at any moment.

Another factor that significantly impacts export in 2021/2022 MY is agrarians’ restrained sales. Most of them expect to reach last season peak prices for wheat, corn and sunflower.  Quite successful previous season in financial terms allowed manufacturers to plan their sales for the whole year and not to sell everything at the beginning of the season. In the meantime, the market has deformed and, despite the record, has become a “seller’s market”, which dictates its conditions.

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