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NEW DELHI: According to sowing coverage data released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, areas under Kharif crops in the ongoing sowing season reached 721.36 lakh hectares, down by 8.9 per cent the corresponding acreage last year.

As per the latest data, the acreage of the Kharif crop paddy is 207.65 lakh hectares, 6.8 per cent down from the corresponding data of the last year.

The sowing coverage areas of most of the Kharif crops were down due to deficient or below normal rains received during the second half of June and the first week of July in many parts of the country.


About 87.30 lakh ha area coverage has been reported compared to the normal of the corresponding week (99.28 lakh ha). Thus 11.97 lakh ha less area has been covered compared to normal of corresponding week. The higher area is reported from the state of Karnataka (3.51 lakh ha), Maharashtra 1.12 lakh ha, Haryana 0.35 lakh ha, Telangana 0.19 lakh ha, Uttarakhand 0.13 lakh ha, Jharkhand 0.10 ha, Nagaland 0.08 lakh ha, Chhattisgarh 0.04 lakh ha, West Bengal 0.02 lakh ha and Meghalaya 0.01 lakh ha.

Less area is reported from the States of Rajasthan 9.33 lakh ha, Madhya Pradesh 5.44 lakh ha, Uttar Pradesh 0.84 lakh ha, Andhra Pradesh 0.70 lakh ha, Tamil Nadu 0.35 lakh ha, Odisha 0.34 lakh ha, Gujarat 0.21 lakh ha, Himachal Pradesh 0.09 lakh ha, Bihar 0.07 lakh ha, Punjab 0.06 lakh ha, Jammu & Kashmir 0.03 lakh ha, Tripura 0.03 lakh ha, Arunachal Pradesh 0.02 lakh ha, Sikkim 0.01 lakh ha and Manipur 0.01 lakh ha.

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