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Market Is Getting Stronger for Indian Green Cardamom

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Spices

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There is a good demand for green cardamom in the auction centers as the traders face new challenges in fulfilling the export demand. Reports state that the demand in the international market for the small cardamom has increased, making the product go stronger by $0,26 to $0,39 per kg. Market experts predict that the consumption will increase for the spice in the coming days with the wedding season and the arrival of festivals.

The reports of small cardamom prices increasing in the coming days have made the traders, mainly the exporters, quite active in the market. Now that the market has started receiving quality products in domestic markets, international demand is rising.

Earlier, the increase in production for the last two years in small cardamom significantly impacted the prices. Typically, the price of 8 mm cardamom is recorded at $23,46 per kg, but due to the excess production, it gradually came down by $18,90 per kg last December. Also, the 6 mm prices had a downward trend from $16,94 per kg to $12,38 – $12,71 per kg. The price slump was recorded to be between 27 and 28 percent.

One of the primary reasons that affected the price of the small cardamom in the market apart from increased production was the increased spice production in Vietnam and Guatemala. But with the decrease in the overall output, international buyers are looking toward India to fulfill their demand.

Earlier, the stockists and the merchants were apprehensive about buying the product because of the decrease in their sales last year. But with better demand, the buyers are becoming active. So, despite new and old goods being in abundance in the market now, there is a chance of the price improving by $2,61 per kg. Also, as the international market slows down with less arrival of the spice from Vietnam and Guatemala, India will increase its export by fifty percent.

According to market experts, India’s small cardamom price going down in the coming days is unlikely. Hence there is no risk in trading the commodity now.

Price Trend


Date Price
April 13 -21 $18,02 per kg FOB
April 7-12 $17,99 per kg FOB
April 5 -6 $17,95 per kg FOB

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